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    Manufactured by the experts by using well tested raw material at our own processing.
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Coco peat and Coco chips Briquettes
Briquettes are manufactured according to various growing requirements with different raw material mixes.
Product Specifications
•Size: 20x10x5cm.
•Weight: 650 g standard or any other weight.
•Outturn volume: 9-10l per briquette
Particle size of the raw material used:
•10mm grade coco peat or coco chips
•5mm grade coco peat
•4 mm -3 mm grade coco peat (with very low fiber) –for seedlings (or Mixes of various combinations of raw materials according to the crop requirements)
•Floor loaded (Only for 20' Containers)
•Palletized (2,100 pcs per pallet)
•Individually shrink wrapped (with or without a label) and packed 24 pcs. per carton and palletized
•Moisture content: less than 20%
•Moisture content: less than 20%
•EC: Low EC
•pH: 5.5 to 6.5.