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    Manufactured by the experts by using well tested raw material at our own processing.
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Coco Peat Bags
The Better Choice for Indoor / Outdoor Growing
Treated Coco Peat bags are manufactured according to various growing requirements with different raw material mixes.
Product Specifications
Size : 70cm x 50cm
Weight: 12kg-15kg
Particle size of the raw material used:
15mm grade coco peat
10mm grade coco peat
5mm grade coco peat
4mm-3mm grade coco peat (with very low fiber for seeding)(Mixes of various combinations of raw materials according to the requirements )
Floor loaded (Packed with LDPE Bags)
Moisture - Below 45%
Volume - 50 Letters
EC - Low EC
PH - 5.5 to 6.5