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    Manufactured by the experts by using well tested raw material at our own processing.
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Coco peat and Coco chips Grow Bags
Grow bags are manufactured depending on the grower's requirements with different raw material mixes.
Product Specifications
Size: Length from 25 cm up to 120cm x Width from 10 cm up to 25cm x Height from 5 cm up to 18cm (Dimensions are after expansion)
Weight: Depends on the slab size and the raw material composition.
15mm grade coco peat (with high fiber content)
10mm grade coco peat or coco chips (or Mixes of various combinations of raw materials according to the crop requirements)
Products grades
1. Cocoreal medium
2. Cocoreal primary
3. Cocoreal advance
4. Cocoreal Extra
Packed in printed or unprinted UV treated co-extruded bags, stacked on heat treated wooden pallets with or without corrugated cardboard corners, strapped with yellow strapping tapes and wrapped with stretch films. (UV treatment, quantity per pallet and packing method will be vary according to the client's requirement)
Moisture content: less than 20%.
pH: 5.5 to 6.5.
Electrical Conductivity and size of the products are depending
on the clients' requirement.